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It is almost three in the morning.  I woke up suddenly, thinking I heard something.  I hobbled through to the kitchen, every step reminding me of the mesh in my body, but the house was quiet.  I put a cup of milk to heat in the microwave.  While it warmed I began thinking about the woman who sent me an email before I went to bed.  Another lost soul living in pain, unable to work and fighting our system.  Trying to get disability and medical care is not made easy for women with mesh in their bodies.  They fight pain daily and have to fight harder to get medical care, often without good result.
I checked my email to see if she had answered my question of which State she was in.  Nothing.  There was a story from a thirty-two year old woman who also has mesh in her body after a hysterectomy and can no longer care for herself or two children.  Another life on hold and broken.  Another family in serious trouble.  I then checked to see how a friend had done today with his fundraiser.  A fundraiser designed to help him and his wife try to save their lives and those of others.  Mesh is responsible.  Their house always close to foreclosure.  He is always struggling to make enough money to take his wife on a long road trip to the doctor.  Another two lives on the edge.  Another family broken on the brink of collapse.  I read his sad, broken words that the fundraiser was a wash.  Maybe it was because it was the Easter weekend.  Maybe it is the economy.  Who knows.  He felt beaten down.  He said they were worse off than before.  His words linger in my mind.  Mesh is responsible.

Today is Easter Sunday.  A holiday of joyful religious spirit for many.  A holiday for children to hunt and find eggs.  A Spring holiday with the promise of summer and carefree fun.  Not for everyone.  For those who have mesh in their body and the families who support them, there isn’t a lot to celebrate.  Each day is a struggle.  Financially, emotionally and physically.  It takes a toll on all who are exposed to the perils of mesh.

I hope this friend will bounce back tomorrow and not feel a failure.  I know he feels beaten and a failure as a man.  A man who wants to help his wife get well.  His spirit broken.

For all those who enjoy this spiritual holiday, there are many who can’t enjoy anything.  The endless pain racking their body and destroying the life they once knew.  Their family watching on the side lines unable to take away the pain.  Mesh is responsible.

When will the world take notice?