Bladder Sling Helpline, Bladder Sling Lawyer

The Vaginal Mesh Helpline, Bladder Sling Helpline wants women to understand that their are a variety of Mesh implants out there. Most of them are mesh but have names that may be confusing to you. Although most of the advertisements you have been seeing on T.V say vaginal mesh, the Bladder Sling is also a vaginal mesh implant. There are current Bladder sling lawsuits for bladder sling surgery complications.

The complcations associated with a bladder sling surgical procedure are siminliar to vaginal mesh complications. including : infections, pain, bladder mesh erosion and recurrence of urinary continence. Women are filing  bladder sling lawsuits. .

Stress Urinary Incontinence Was Meant To Be  Treated By  Bladder Sling Surgery

Many women  suffer  from  stress urinary incontinence. This is simple SUI or leakage from a cough or sneeze. This is usually caused by the aging process, loss of estrogen, childbirth or injury.

Urinary incontinence, vaginal sling procedures are being used however, women have been experiencing severe complications from the bladder sling device. The severe unrinary incontinence from a failed Bladder Sling has made it difficult for women to enjoy life, keep a job or follow a simple daily routine,

Vaginal sling procedures  were meant  to  help control stress incontinence, urine leakage that can happen when you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift things, or exercise.  You may have difficulty holding urine and just have to get to the ladies room fast when out and about in your normal daily routine. They help close your urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) and the bladder neck (the part of the bladder that connects to the urethra).

Vaginal sling procedures  causing the problems and resulting in bladder sling lawsuits use:
Man-made (synthetic) material

  •     Transobturator or TOT sling
  •     Tension-Free Vaginal Tape or TVT sling, Boston Scientific TVT Sling

A supportive sling is placed around the back of the urethra to help lift it back into its normal position. Incisions in the thighs make it possible for the sling’s insertion and the sling is kept in place by the abdominal wall. Serious complications have arisen and women are suffering

The Bladder Sling Lawsuits are Just Another Part of the Huge Nationwide Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits. Or in other words if what you have implanted is not saying “Mesh” do not assume that is it is not part of the mesh devices and bladder mesh implants lawsuits currently tsaking place. It is important to call the Vaginal Mesh Helpline and find out.