Fort Lauderdale Bladder Sling Lawyers

Is  My Fort Luderdale  Bladder Sling A Part of The Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits?

Both the vaginal mesh and bladder sling are part of the current multi district litigation lawsuits being filed by vaginal mesh lawyers.  The mesh products go under a number of different names. All of these are part of the vaginal mesh litigation being filed on behalf of women with complications and a faulty vaginal mesh  implant. Because there are so many we have the list below. All are vaginal mesh of one type or another. All are a part of the vaginal mesh lawsuits currently underway.

Manufacturers of transvaginal mesh products include C.R. Bard, Boston Scientific Schimmed, American Medical Supply, and Gynecare/Ethicon, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.
C.R. Bard’s list of Vaginal Mesh Products include:

  •     Avaulta Solo Synthetic©  – a polypropylene mesh support
  •     Avaulta Plus Biosynthetic©  – a polypropylene mesh with a matrix of corss-linked collagen on one side
  •     Avaulta Biosynthetic©  – a polypropylene mesh with hydrophyilic collagen coating

Johnson&Johnson  Johnson & Johnson Transvaginal Mesh Products:

  •     Ethicon TVT©
  •     Gynecare TVT©
  •     Gynemesh PS©

American Medical Systems


  •    Pelvicol,
  •    Pelvisoft

Boston Scientific Scimed

  •  Prefyx PPS,
  • Obtryx Curved Single,
  • Obtryx Mesh Sling,
  • Advantage Sling System,
  • Prefyx System Mid U,
  • Mesh Sling System



  • Gynemesh PS (K013718) a/k/a/ Prolift Pelvic Floor,
  • Prolene Polypropylene Mesh


  •  Secur,
  • Tension Free Vaginal Tape

Johnson & Johnson



  • Uretex TO,
  • Avaulta Biosynthetic,
  • Uretex Pubovaginal Sling/support kit,
  • Bard Posterior Biosynthetic Support System,
  • Pelvetex Polypropylene Mesh

What is a Bladder Sling?

It is a procedure done by a urologist, urogynecologist or ob/gyn surgeon to aid in stress incontinence. Some procedures are done through the vagina and some with a laprascope through the abdominal wall.

These Are All Fort Lauderdale Vaginal Mesh Implants

Surgical mesh, vaginal mesh and bladder slings, are  medical devices that are used to repair weakened or damaged tissue (specifically in pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI)). It is made from either porous synthetic material or biologic material.

Vaginal Tape or TVT

The TVT is a doctor-applied, ribbon-like strip that stops urine leakage the way your body was designed to by supporting the urethra.

 There Are Many Mesh Implants and They Are All A  Part Of The Mesh Lawsuits

With so many different companies and implants it can get very confusing to figure out what you have and if you are a candidate for the vaginal mesh lawsuits. If you meet the criteria for you state statute of limitations and have complications and have been told by a doctor you have a problem with the implanted mesh assume you are a candidate and do not wait. Contact the Vaginal Mesh Helpline to speak top a Fort Lauderdale Vaginal mesh lawyer and protect your rights today. manufacturers who put profits over people must be held accountable and a message must be sent. Helping women with vaginal mesh problems nationwide including: