Dangers Of J & J Products Are Ongoing

It seems like Johnson and Johnson is batting 1000 with their products for women causing unusual complications, pain and suffering.

First We Have The Vaginal Mesh

Johnson & Johnson®

  • Ethicon® TVTManufacturer:
  • Product: K974098

Then We Have The Hernia Mesh

Proceed (Potential)(patch only not mesh sheet)

And even Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower To Shower Talcum Powder

Ovarian cancer lawsuits for talcum powder dusting of genital area

It seem that there is a never ending saga of J & J and their targeting women for products that have not been tested sufficiently or that have severe injury potential and they just did not warn.

Talcum Powder Was Marketed Aggressively By J & J  Despite The Known  Dangers

In the 1990s Johnson and Johnson knew of the dangers and  considered increasing its marketing  to black and Hispanic women, who were already buying the product in high numbers.

We are receiving call on a daily basis from women who used Talcum powder products and now have a diagnosis of  ovarian cancer.  They cannot understand how decades could have gone by and no one told them there was a potential risk to using  a number of different J & J  products. They want to file lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson for the vaginal mesh, hernia mesh and Talcum powder.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary Ethicon  recalled the  Physiomesh flexible composite mesh. The recall was done after studies showed higher revision rates after a type of minimally invasive hernia repair using the Physiomesh.

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