Johnson and Johnson Is Taking Major Hits On Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

The vaginal Mesh Helpline has been watching the outcomes of the various bellwether trials for the vaginal mesh lawsuit verdicts. The lawsuits are moving along with settlements reaching record highs. American Medical Systems has already entered into a settlement agreement and we are not excited about the compensation to mesh victims. But, now Johnson and Johnson is starting to think about a global settlement as their verdicts have no been going all that well for them.

The Vaginal Mesh H elpline  is letting all mesh victims know that  Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon reached a settlement in a bellwether trial over their vaginal mesh implants. The settlement came just one day after a $5.7 million verdict was reached against J&J’s Ethicon by a California jury over their Gynecare TVT Abbrevo vaginal mesh implant. Details of the most recent  settlement have not been disclosed as of yet.  The settlement was part of the  lawsuits chosen for a bellwether trial. Bellwether trial select a number of cases to present to see how a jury will react to verdicts and settlement determinations on the value of the injuries. This is a  part of the  federal consolidated MDL lawsuits  against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon. While the settlement details have not been disclosed, this settlement came just one day after a huge loss for Ethicon in the $5.7 million verdict reached against them for a woman plaintiff in California. J & J is not looking good amd we here that they are moving toward considering a Global settlement deal to cut their losses.

There are currently well  over 70,000 vaginal mesh  injury cases. We have learned that  J&J’ habe  over 30K in lawsuits pending.  Seven different multidistrict litigation (MDL’s)  are under U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin. Ethicon is just one of the mesh manufacturers with lawsuits in a specific MDL for that company.

Johnson & Johnson has been hit pretty badly with major  loses for  3 out 4 large verdicts. The  terms of the recent settlement have not  been released.  We believe, however, that this  it signals a great sign for the  women victims of a failed mesh implant. J&J is now starting to realize  that some cases are better to be settled at  settlement values than by going to a vaginal mesh  trial. This may result in   a global settlement on a large number of claims in the near future.

Vaginal Mesh Helpline has been speaking to women all over the country regarding their vaginal mesh implants. many are just realizing that their complications are form the mesh while doctors seem to remain in the dark sending mesh patients for colonoscopies, physical therapy, and other tests without realizing it is all the mesh.