Mesh Removal Overview, How Do You Choose A Vaginal Mesh Doctor

As a medical social worker and ex hospital administrator I have had the opportunity to deal with many physicians. We all hope that our doctors know enough to keep us out of trouble but, as we have learned with the mesh, some things are beyond their control. A patient must take their medical care into their own hands and ask questions and get answers. There is nothing wrong with interviewing a doctor before allowing him or her to remove your mesh. Many doctors will do a mesh revision surgery because they are just not experienced enough to perform a mesh removal.

You need to know what to expect and you must choose a doctor who has prior experience in removal of the vaginal mesh. When you interview a doctor  there are a number of questions that you should ask. We have some suggestions below:

You should not allow yourself to be at the  mercy of a  doctor who will only   do a revision surgery. Mesh revision means the doctor is  removing the piece of the mesh  that has eroded thru the vaginal wall or is failing ( falling apart insider you ) when you may have been able to have the entire mesh removed. This can make the difference between one surgery or numerous revisions. many doctors are not able to remove the entire mesh in one surgery. This may be due to the lack of experience of the doctor or your particular situation.

Never be afraid to ask questions like:

Have You ever removed a vaginal mesh?

How many vaginal mesh have you removed?

What is your success rate?

What are my chances of total mesh removal?

Will it be necessary to have some part left in my pelvic bone?

What will you use to evaluate my particular situation? How will you assess if I am a candidate for total mesh removal?

What is the best that I can expect?

How long is the usual recovery period?

Will I be able to resume intimate relations?

What are the stages of recovery?  What can I expect?  Very often a doctor cannot give you exact expectations because every recovery situation is different depending on your health, age and other factors.

Are you convinced that total mesh removal is the only way to deal with this?

If your doctor is not willing to consider mesh removal find a different doctor.

If the doctor has never removed a mesh before, find a different doctor.

Be sure the doctor removing the mesh  is  aware of your total health picture. Do not leave anything out. If you are being treated by specialists for any other conditions you may want to consult with them. If you are diabetic, are on a blood thinner or have  heart conditions or any other  serious illness be sure to consult with your treating physicians as you would for  any other  surgical procedure. The doctor may ask for medical clearance  from your specialist to perform the mesh removal  surgery. This is not unusual and is in your best interest.

You have gone thru enough. You must proceed with caution.

How much you share with your doctor regarding your involvement in a vaginal mesh lawsuit is at your discretion.

We suggest that you obtain the removed mesh. if you do not and you need it later for any lawsuit you opt to pursue it may be much harder to get back. Get it as soon as you can. You should find out what is the best way to preserve the removed mesh. Many of our callers have their removed mesh. Your vaginal mesh lawyer can help you with that.