Serious Problems With Vaginal and Hernia Mesh Leads To Lawsuits

Vaginal Mesh Helpline and  Physiomesh Helpline has a network of mesh lawyers  for people injured by Ethicon’s vaginal mesh and physiomesh. Ethicon has used the same synthetic substance for both the vaginal mesh and Physiomesh hernia mesh. We are receiving phone calls on a daily basis from women regarding the vaginal mesh lawsuits and from both men and women regarding the Physiomesh- Hernia mesh lawsuits. Mesh Helpline lawyers are still accepting vaginal mesh cases if there has been a revision surgery or removal of the mesh and all Physiomesh lawsuits.

Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Lawyers

Ethicon pushed thru  their Physiomesh  hernia repair mesh product  with little research or testing.  Approval was obtained through the FDA’s 510(k) approval process, which only requires that the manufacturer establish that the product is “substantially equivalent” to a previously approved product. This is the same way Ethicon pushed thru their vaginal mesh products.

Hernia mesh complications have may cause individuals to have hernia recurrence and  need  additional surgery to remove the hernia mesh. Vaginal Mesh complications may result in revision surgery and need for total mesh removal. Ethicon mesh products have caused injury to both men and women.

Complications Include:

Bowel Perforation
Bowel Adhesion
Infections- Vaginal Mesh and Hernia Mesh
Organ Perforation- Vaginal Mesh and Hernia Mesh
Abdominal Pain/Bleeding
Mesh Erosion- Vaginal Mesh and Hernia Mesh
Hernia Revision Surgery or vaginal mesh revision surgery
Some of these complications  were also seen with the Vaginal Mesh