Tampa Woman Sues for Vaginal Mesh, Vaginal Mesh Stories

At the vaginal mesh helpline we offer stories of women injured by the Surgical mesh implants.  We do not want women to feel like they are all alone in this horror. Here you will find a story from Tampa Florida. Tampa, Florida – For 37-year-old Barbara Campbell, life has never been the same. The blue-eyed […]

Surgical mesh Updates, Transvaginal Mesh lawyers Filing Lawsuits

UPDATE 01/04/2012: FDA Update on Surgical Mesh     Based on assessment of Medical Device Reports (adverse event reports) submitted to the FDA, evaluation of the published literature, and the September 2011 Obstetrics-Gynecology Devices Panel meeting, the FDA is considering the recommendation that urogynecologic surgical mesh used for transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) be […]

Our Senior Female Population, Complications and Vaginal Mesh

Having Prolapse, Cystocele and Rectocele Fixed Without Hysterectomy, Vaginal mesh, Bladder Sling Frederick R. Jelovsek MD "Is a hysterectomy absolutely necessary in order to repair a rectocele? Is there some procedure for repair without having to also have a total hysterectomy? This is after menopause, age 52, difficult birth of a child 24 years ago, […]

Vaginal Mesh Helpline Helping Women with Transvaginal mesh Complications

The Vaginal mesh helpline and the Vaginal mesh female social worker help women locate a urogynecologist and vaginal mesh lawyer. Call 888 522-2123 today. The vaginal mesh lawsuits are mult district litigations, not class actions. A multi district litigation consolidates all women with particular complications from a mesh of a particular manufacturer in one federal […]

Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Perforation, Vaginal Mesh Helpline

Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Perforation is a complication of the vaginal mesh. Bladder perforation can be fatal. You must be aware of this and be on guard for any symptoms. Transvaginal mesh bladder perforation is a serious complication associated with the use of transvaginal mesh patches, surgically implanted devices that are intended to:     relieve bladder […]

So Many Bad Drugs and Medical Devices are Affecting Women

It is amazing to me how many dangerous drugs and medical devices are having an affect on women. The vaginal mesh Helpline hears from women thru-out the country regarding their horiffic ecperiences with these mesh devices. Yet, there are so many other drugs and medical devices that are hurting women. The Mirena birth control device, […]