Good News Ladies, They Are Hearing Our Voices, Vaginal Mesh Devices

Democrats Want to Let FDA Block Medical Devices Tied to Safety Recalls   By Alex Nussbaum – Feb 2, 2012 4:18 PM ET U.S. regulators should be able to block medical devices based on past products with safety issues, said House Democrats, citing injuries from transvaginal implants like those made by Johnson and Johnson and […]

Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Perforation, Vaginal Mesh Helpline

Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Perforation is a complication of the vaginal mesh. Bladder perforation can be fatal. You must be aware of this and be on guard for any symptoms. Transvaginal mesh bladder perforation is a serious complication associated with the use of transvaginal mesh patches, surgically implanted devices that are intended to:     relieve bladder […]

Watson gets Generic Rights to Sell Yaz Knowing It Hurts Women

Watson will now produce a generic Yaz. Yaz has been shown to be harmful to many women. Just another drug or medical device, like the vaginal mesh, bladder sling and Mirena IUD, that has been harmful to women. Watson cannot be sued for Generic Yaz. This is an outrage. Again, another drug  harmful to women? […]

So Many Bad Drugs and Medical Devices are Affecting Women

It is amazing to me how many dangerous drugs and medical devices are having an affect on women. The vaginal mesh Helpline hears from women thru-out the country regarding their horiffic ecperiences with these mesh devices. Yet, there are so many other drugs and medical devices that are hurting women. The Mirena birth control device, […]

Vaginal Mesh Causes Post Surgery Operations, Vaginal Mesh Helpline Reports

Los Angeles, CA, December 28, 2011 – A new study forthcoming in the January issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that women who are fitted with a vaginal mesh device to treat pelvic organ prolapse typically require additional surgery more often than women who are treated using other methods. Pelvic organ […]

Congress is Finally on Our Side, Vaginal Mesh Helpline Applauds

On December 14, a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators introduced legislation that would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the power to force medical device companies to track their medical devices, including pelvic mesh implants, after they’ve been sold or used, according to the New York Times. The newspaper reported that a trio […]

About Pelvic Prolapse, Vaginal Mesh, Transvaginal Mesh Helpline

About Pelvic Prolapse, Vaginal Mesh Helpline The uterus is held in position by pelvic muscles, ligaments and other tissues. If the uterus drops out of its normal position, this is called prolapse. Prolapse is defined as a body part falling or slipping out of position. Prolapse happens when the pelvic muscles and connective tissues weaken. […]

Husbands and The Vaginal Mesh

Husbands of Medical Mesh Victims Finding Hope in New Website Hundreds of thousands of families affected my defective vaginal mesh surgeries. American Husbands find a new resource to help their wives, families and relationships.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 24, 2011 – announces new program for husbands and […]

What You Need To Know About Your Vaginal Mesh

What is Vaginal Mesh? Vaginal mesh, which is often called  a “hammock” or a “sling,” is a device which is used after surgery to treat POP and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women. Many woman suffer these types of medical issues as a result of weakened pelvic muscles that stretch and weaken to the point […]