Husbands and The Vaginal Mesh

Husbands of Medical Mesh Victims Finding Hope in New Website Hundreds of thousands of families affected my defective vaginal mesh surgeries. American Husbands find a new resource to help their wives, families and relationships.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 24, 2011 – announces new program for husbands and […]

Vaginal Mesh Medical Resources, Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer Helpline

Ascension Health hospitals Department of Urogynecology should be contacted for all inquiries regarding your Trnsvaginal Mesh complications. The Vaginal Mesh helpline is a reouurce and Support Netowrk for women with vaginal mesh complications, The vaginal Mesh Helpline will assist with Helping you locate a Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer and Urogynecologists Daughters of Charity & Sisters of […]

AMS Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Consolidated

AMS Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Filing Your AMS Lawsuit in MDL – 2325, IN RE: American Medical Systems, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation The Trans Vaginal Mesh (TVM) saga continues and another Multidistrict litigation is Moving Forward The AMS’s products that are a part of the lawsuits  include: AMS MiniArc Precise Single-Incision Sling AMS […]

Vaginal mesh lawyer, Your Ally and Confidant

Vaginal Mesh Lawyer: The Friend the Woman Needs   Vaginal Mesh is a dangerous product. In fact, there is talk of recalling it. That is not to say that it is still not being used. It is. Vaginal Mesh is a material that is used in surgeries in which a woman is having dropped organs […]

Victims of the Mesh products have joined a new womens club

There is Hope, The Vaginal Mesh Helpline shares stories from women on their vaginal mesh complications. We found this blog on line and are sharing it with our readers. Somehow we ladies, victims of mesh products have become members of a club we never wished to join.  Even though we don’t want to be part […]

Transvaginal Mesh, Prolapse and the Pelvic Floor

The transvaginal mesh is a devise aimed at securing weakened muscles in the Pelvic floor. Many women who have these Vaginal Mesh Implants are experiencing servere complications from faulty Transvaginal Mesh devices. To Understand the Transvaginal Mesh we must look at the structure of the female pelvic region known as the pelvic floor. What are […]