Coloplast Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits, Coloplast Vaginal Mesh Lawyer

Vaginal Mesh Helpline is seeking women nationwide with a coloplast vaginal mesh to assist with locating a vaginal mesh lawyer for the Coloplast MDL vaginal mesh lawsuit. Leader ship roles have been assigned for lawyers in the coloplast MDL litigation. Updated News On the Coloplast Vaginal Mesh October 1, 2012 — Judge Joseph R. Goodwin […]

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits, Alternate Bladder Sling Procedures

At The Vaginal Mesh Helpline we are always on the lookout for help for women who are looking for alternatives to the bladder slings and vaginal mesh devices that have been causing severe complications in women. Below is an article we found that reviews some of the various techniques. Vaginal Mesh News, Urinary Incontinence, Bladder […]