New York Vaginal Mesh Lawyers, N.Y Mesh Statute of Limitations

The end of July many lawyers will be closing their doors to accepting mesh cases from states with one and two year vaginal mesh implants. N.Y is  a “safe state” with a 3 year staute of limitations but, that does not mean you should wait. We can still help women in the one and 2 […]

Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Westchester and the Greater NYC Area

Vaginal Vaginal Mesh Helpline is reaching out to women in the greater NYC area to help them locate a vaginal mesh lawyer. There are over 300,000 women with a vaginal mesh and our job is to find every single one and make sure they file their mesh lawsuit and find a doctor. It is not […]

Surgical mesh Updates, Transvaginal Mesh lawyers Filing Lawsuits

UPDATE 01/04/2012: FDA Update on Surgical Mesh     Based on assessment of Medical Device Reports (adverse event reports) submitted to the FDA, evaluation of the published literature, and the September 2011 Obstetrics-Gynecology Devices Panel meeting, the FDA is considering the recommendation that urogynecologic surgical mesh used for transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) be […]

Reclassification of vaginal Mesh Products Discussion

What Reclassification of Vaginal Mesh Products Would Mean   Could vaginal mesh products represent “the next medical device controversy”? That was the suggestion of an article over on Business Week. The devices, which have recently been implicated in roughly 600 lawsuits, have been getting a lot of attention lately (along with metal-on-metal implants). In July, […]