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A woman of the Vaginal mesh, Texas resident files a lawsuit for vaginal mesh complications, Vaginal mesh helpline Texas reports
Shay Morrigan | March 15th, 2012

A Texas resident  represented by her vaginal mesh lawyer, has filed a new lawsuit against defendants American Medical Systems (AMS) and Endo Pharmaceuticals. Martinez claims the defendants’ mesh device, the MiniArc Sling, caused her to experience transvaginal mesh complications that led to serious injuries. She filed her case March 2, 2012 in the District Court of Harris County, Texas.
Plaintiff claims transvaginal mesh complications

According to her vaginal mesh lawsuit, she went through a procedure to have the MiniArc Sling implanted on December 17, 2009. According to the AMS website, the MiniArc offers a “less invasive” approach to correcting urinary incontinence.

Martinez not only had the MiniArc implanted at that time, but also two “Elevate” mesh products designed to treat pelvic organ prolapse. She states in her vaginal mesh lawsuit that after the procedure, she suffered “unimaginable” pain due to transvaginal mesh complications.

These included pelvic pain and bleeding, which led to the eventual diagnosis of vaginal erosion due to the pelvic mesh sling.
Plaintiff has surgery to correct transvaginal mesh complications

She had to undergo additional surgeries because of transvaginal mesh complications.

The first was May 10, 2010. Her surgeons found “extensive invasion of the mesh into her vagina, and dead vaginal tissue had to be excised. The damage was extensive and grafts were used in hope of saving some semblance of a normal vagina.”

her  vaginal mesh lawyer states that she had to undergo a second surgery on November 21, 2011. That was a vaginal reconstruction operation, because the excision necessary to remove the damage caused by the mesh was “so extensive that Melanie Martinez needed a unique procedure to try to recreate a normal vagina.”
Plaintiff and vaginal mesh lawyer claim defendants knew of risk

According to  the Vaginal mesh woman and  vaginal mesh lawyer, the defendants knew of the risks associated with the MiniArc Sling, but did not adequately warn the public or healthcare professionals.

She  claims that previous to her developing transvaginal mesh complications, AMS “knew or should have known that the Product caused an unreasonably high rate of vaginal erosion, infection, extrusion, perforation, chronic pain and/or abscess in women.”

In July 2011, the FDA released a warning stating that transvaginal mesh complications were not rare, and that surgery to treat the complications did not always solve all the issues. In January 2012, the agency sent letters to mesh manufacturers requesting an additional 3 years of safety studies.

In her vaginal mesh lawsuit,She is suing for defective manufacture and design, negligence, and breach of warranties. She seeks compensatory and punitive damages. The plaintiff is also suing her doctor for medical malpractice.

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