They Are All Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Now, How Do You Choose?

It seems like every lawyer in the United States is after a woman with a mesh. This is the hottest thing since the Slilcone Breast Implants and most likely bigger and more far reaching. Over 300,000 women in the United States have mesh implants. We speak to women of all ages. My oldest mesh caller  was 86 and my youngest was 28. The mesh  is being surgically implanted  for very simple SUI in young women after child birth. Women are ging in for a hysterectmy and coming out with a mesh. Doctors have been putting them in after the 2008 warning and are still using them today. The vaginal mesh comes under many different names and is marketed by about fifteen manufacturers. A bladder sling is a mesh and many rectoceles ad cystoceles are done with a mesh. Many women have more then one mesh. Some women still do not understand they have a mesh. They have complications and their doctors are sending them home telling them nothing is wrong. There is no shortage of vaginal mesh lawyer T.V ads, mesh email blasts, text message blasts and even direct solicitation. You have a $ sign plastered to your forehead and the pain and suffering can only be understood amongst a sisterhood of mesh sufferers. How do you choose a lawyer? They all sound so good. First, you must be sure they are not referring your case to another law firm. Any and all lawyers will take a mesh case. They will very rarely turn you away. Some may refuse your case for reasons you do not understand after they rushed you to send the packet back. You may call trying to find out what is going on and the response is less then comforting. Do not be alarmed if you get a rejection letter. That may be only one law firms opinion. Some lawyers are just accepting the easy cases. These would be  if the mesh has been removed. This is not always a correct decision since you need to find a doctor who is willing to remove it. This is not the easiest task. The doctor who put it in is most likely not going to be very helplful.

Some Basic Facts

There are leads companies out there sending email blasts and trying to get you to sign with them, They are not lawyers and will be selling you to a lawyer as middlemen. You must use caution.

We can help you in:

The mesh lawsuits are not class action litigations. They are what are known as multi-district litigations. You do not need a local lawyer. What you do need is an experienced lawyer with a history of helping women with prior drug or medical device litigations. You need a law firm with  concerned staff who have answers to the questions you ask.  The Vaginal Mesh Helpline only accepts law firms who have a designated female who knows everything there is to know about the mesh. This could be a female attorney or a mature woman who understands.

We only work with law firms who are experienced mass tort litgators. They must have prior experience with a dangerous drug or device that has become an MDL and has harmed women. All law firms go thru a vigorous interview process. We do not accept all of them. The doctors on our list come from our callers who have had a positive experience with them.

We are proud to have amongst our lawyer network two law firms that were involved in helping women with the silicone breast implant litigations. One of those firms is still helping woman in 2012.  The other was a lead counsel. Some women are still waiting for settlements on these disease claims today. This can give you a sense of  how long it takes and how lives can be turned around when a manufacturer puts profits over people.

Competition For Mesh Clients is Out of Control

Lawyers are after the women who have been injured by the mesh. The internet is over run and the T.V screen filled with vaginal mesh lawyer ads. You must take legal action but, you also need medical help and support. Most law firms will not help you get a doctor.

Call the Vaginal Mesh Helpline and speak to a female medical social worker. Get  support, medical help and legal help. You are not alone.  Read the comments from other mesh victims on this site. You must file a vaginal mesh lawsuit and that must be done quickly, The statute of limitations is running out in many states. For more information call our helpline today.