Transvaginal Mesh Helpline Vermont, Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer


If you had a transvaginal mesh implant and now experience harmful side effects, you are not alone. Lisa Spitzer Msw “I speak to women daily with Transvaginal mesh complications”

Vaginal Mesh Helpine  is helping woman in Burlington, Montpelier, Rutland, South Burlington find a transvaginal mesh lawsuit attorney  and is interested in hearing from  Vermont woman who have had the surgical mesh. “Tell us your story and communicate online with other women.” Lisa Spitzer MSW who runs the Transvaginal mesh helpline has heard many “horror stories”

“It is important for Vermont woman to share their stories and find a support from  other Vermont women ” The emotional and physical ramifications of these Transvaginal Mesh surgical implants are severe” “The helpline assists women in locating a lawyer but, there is more to this then just  filing a lawsuit” “Monetary damages cannot reverse some  of the life  alternating stories I am hearing” There are not only physical complications but also emotional effects. Woman are losing faith in their Doctors. Many women cannot have sexual intercourse as a result of this mesh surgical procedure  which can effect the stability of a marriage. Others canot drive a car any longer,visit and play with their grandchildren or take part in  the joys of life the mesh was promised to help with.”

he following are problems linked to prolapse mesh:

Mesh erosion through the vagina
Organ perforation
Pain during sexual intercourse
Urinary problems

Vaginal mesh helpline is not just lawyers interested in cases. They offer support and help to women going thru this traumatic experience