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The Vaginal Mesh helpline has been receiving calls from women concerned about getting a colonoscopy while having a vaginal mesh. Although we cannot give medical advise we can present an article we have found:

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:
Case of rectal migratin of mesh after TVM (tension-free vaginal mesh) operation.

The Department of Urology, Kurashiki Central Hospital.

A 64-year-old woman presented with recto-cutaneous fistula after tension-free vaginal mesh reconstruction using polypropylene mesh for pelvic organ prolapse. Eleven months after the operation, an ulcerative lesion with stools smell secretion developed in the left hip. Magnetic resonance imaging and colonoscopy revealed a migration of the left arm of the mesh and a recto-cutaneous fistula. The patient underwent excision of the infected mesh and rectal wall closure together with transient colostomy. After 8 months, colonoscopy revealed a new migration of the mesh in the rectum, which was also removed. The colostomy was closed one year later and rectal erosion has not reccurred since then. The possibility of developing a rare but severe mesh-related complication as presented here should always be kept in mind.

We have had a number of callers have a Doctor stop the colonoscopy due to mesh erosion. The idea of an MRI makes sense to us. You also might want to go to a Urogynecologist first to assess your individual mesh circumstances before proceeding. We currently are working with a number of vaginal mesh lawyers who are accepting vaginal mesh cases as a part of the multi-district litigations. Please keep in mind  that in the female system the bladder bowel and Uterus are a tight knit system when making any decsions for any procedures. Seek medical advise and a second opinion if necessary.