Vaginal Mesh Helpine, Seeking Women With Mesh Symptoms For legal Action

Vaginal Mesh Helpine, Seeking Women With Mesh Symptoms For legal Action, Statute of Limitations Notice
Vaginal mesh helpline Speaks to women every day who should be taking legal action for a failed vaginal mesh. Many Do not even Know their symptoms are from the mesh and need help. We are here to help you


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 04, 2012 – Vaginal mesh Helpline announces we want to speak to every woman with a vaginal mesh to discuss the Multi District litigation currently taking place and assist in filing a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit. The clock is ticking and your state’s Statute of Limitations may be running close. We do not want you to be left out. You must see a doctor and get confirmation you have a failed mesh and begin the process of filing a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit immediately. Some states have only a few months left. Call the vaginal mesh helpline today if you have been to a doctor and have been told you need revision surgery or mesh removal or have had revision surgery or a mesh removed.  Call us if you have not been to a doctor and have symptoms of severe pain,pain during sexual intercourse, increased urinary incontinence, inability or difficulty in voiding, infection, bleeding, and the other symptoms presented on vaginalmeshhelpline .com “the pink site”. We do not want any women to be left out of getting justice for the pain you have been thru. We will locate a vaginal mesh lawyer for you and give you guidance for locating a doctor.
Remember Every state has its own time limit for filing lawsuits called the Statute of Limitations.  , the manufacturers of the vaginal mesh implants have a right to have lawsuits dismissed or decided in their favor regardless of the injuries if the lawsuit is not filed in time to comply with the statute of limitations. We must hear from you today . 1 877 522-2123