Vaginal Mesh Helpline Announces, Label Change For Vaginal Mesh Products

Vaginal Mesh Helpline and Vaginal mesh lawyers are reporting an important label change for Vaginal mesh products.

Vaginal mesh helpline reports that medical device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson announced a product label change to restrict the use of  the Gynemesh vaginal mesh  on June 4, 2012.* In a letter to the Court in the pending vaginal mesh MDLs, the company wrote: “Ethicon also plans to update the product labeling for Gynecare Gynemesh PS…to restrict the indication for use to the abdominal sacrocolpopexy procedure for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse.” In other words, the product would no longer be indicated for use in transvaginal surgeries and would only be inserted through an incision at the bottom of the abdomen.

J&J also informed the Court that they would cease “commercializing” four of its Gynecare vaginal mesh systems. According to The New York Time, the company maintained that the end of sales was not based on safety concerns: “but was based on the products’ commercial viability ‘in light of changing market dynamics, and is not related to safety or efficacy.’”*** However other reports state J & J has opted to remove the mesh form the market due to concerns of injury.

Ethicon is changing the label so that the product is only implanted through the abdomen rather than the vagina . This is interesting a the vaginal implanted mesh have caused the most injury. There appears to be differing views in the different news reports.

We would hope all mesh products would be pulled but, this is a good first step. It does not,however, bring justice to the women who have suffered and had their lives destroyed by these mesh products. If you have a mesh, have had your mesh removed, adjusted or have mesh complications you must file a mesh lawsuit. The statute of limitations for many states is running close. We want to hear specifically from women who have been rejected by a vaginal mesh law firm for their mesh lawsuit. We may be able to help you. Do not give up.