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Vaginal Mesh Helpline and vaginal Mesh Lawyers San Fransisco and Los Angeles have expanded the California division due to increase in number of women in need of vaginal Mesh help in: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, ,  Sacramento, Fresno, Oakland,Santa Ana, Anaheim, Riverside, Bakersfield, Stockton, Modesto, Chula Vista, and most of California. Out feedback form women callers points to the L.A area for sme of the besh Urogynecologists helping women.

Old L.A Times Story below

FDA continuing to review vaginal mesh implants
Monday, July 18, 2011
According to a Los Angeles Times report this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released an updated warning focused on surgical mesh that is implanted into women to help strengthen their vaginal tissue.

The FDA was quoted as saying that they have conducted a review of literature and reports that show little evidence that the vaginal mesh implants help pelvic organ prolapse. Not only did the reviews find little advantage to using the mesh implants, but they also found numerous risks.

The report states that in September the FDA held an expert panel meeting to discuss the future of the product. Right now, it’s estimated that around 75,000 women who used vaginal mesh were treated for pelvic organ prolapse.

Warnings began to pop up concerning the vaginal mesh in 2008, mainly because of numerous reports which began to arise after 2005. According to the Times article, the FDA warned doctors to get special training in the placement of mesh. Since the 2007 FDA warning, there’s been an influx in complaints relating to prolapse repair.

According to the article, medical devices are often cleared without the requirement of clinical trial data. With these limited restrictions, a number of different products which are considered similar to other ones can be approved for selling.

The FDA is set to continue overseeing these vaginal mesh implants in all forms, to see if they may run the same level of risk. The agency has been under criticism for a few years due to the approval process for medical devices

And yest today as we write we are still hearing Horrific stories from L.A and  SanFransisco women.

and they are sosting all over the internet: As we fount a San Fransisco Cry for help:

Please let me know what your surgery outcome was.  I am currently interviewing surgeons to remove most or all of my mesh.  Though I do not have exposed mesh, I have severe nerve damage from the mesh becoming detached 2 weeks after implant and falling on a large nerve area.  All the area is damaged, numb and I have severe pain there.  I am on Neurotin all the time.
I am so dissappointed in the physician that did this surgery, but I am also concerned now about selecting a new physician.  I alread spoke to one who admitted he cannot help me. EVidently it is far easier to place the mesh, but it is entirely a different thing to remove it. My physician said it could not be done.  If I don't get rid of this, I will never be able to be normal.  I have been unable to have relations with my husband now for nearly 7 months.  My vagina has altered since the mesh was placed and there is a large enough obstruction to have caused a cessation in intercourse.
I am frustrated, upset, and tired of talking to doctors, looking on the internet, and hearing, "Oh, yes, we do this".  I don't have any idea who I can trust.
Frustrated near San Franicisco

Vaginal Mesh Real Symptoms Include and Vaginal Mesh Problems Include:

  • Pain
  • Erosion of the mesh into the bowel Bladder or vagina
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • partner feeling the mesh
  • infections
  • spot bleeding
  • lower vack, abdomin or pain on one side
  • Depression
  • sepsis for erosion int the bowel
  • need for revision surgery or mesh removal
  • difficulty in locating a sympathetic doctor