Vaginal mesh Helpline Canada, Transvaginal mesh lawyers

The vaginal mesh helpline Canada is here to help women with vaginal mesh complications. Transvaginal mesh class action lawsuits have begun in Canada. In the United States the actions a re multi district litigations but, in canada they are class actions. We wish to send our concern and support to ladies in Canada. We have been unable to locate doctors in Canada to help women with the Mesh. It appears the Canada helth care system does not allow mesh removal. If you can afford a doctor we do have doctors in the states. There are two law firms taking mesh cases in Canada that we are aware of. One as a class action is inundated and the other is taking individual cases. We wish we could help you more.

Johnson and Johnson is now facing  faulty transvaginal mesh lawsuits  as class actions from Canadian women who have been injured by the vaginal mesh implants as well.

The lawsuits allege that Johnson and Johnson  failed to warn  women or their healthcare providers about the dangers associated with the mesh.  In  this class action filing, a large group of  women  will  collectively bring a vaginal mesh  claim to court.

Complications of the vaginal Mesh

  • Mesh erosion thru the vaginal wall
  • Mesh erosion to other organs, bladder, bowel or abdomen
  • patch bleeding
  • pain like a razor blade
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • injury to partner during sexual intercourse
  • infections
  • lower back pain
  • pain on one side of body
  • difficulty standing, sitting or walking
  • increased incontinence or difficulty voiding

Many women are having difficulty locating a physician to remove the mesh as well

What is a mesh ?

The mesh is a prolene fiber synthetic substance tauted as the best thing available to repair a weakened vaginal wall. A womans pelvic area consists of the bowel, bladder and uterus. The vaginal wall is an intricate muscle and ligament system, like a sling, that hold te organs in place. Age, menopause, Hysterectomy or childbirth can cause this system to weaken causing prolapse and incontinence.

Prolapse has stages and some incontinence is simple SUI ( leakage when sneezing and caughing ). However the vaginal sling, mesh or bladder sling has been used in mass effecting 1000's of women worldwide. The vaginal mesh helpline expansion to canada is in response to the numerous phone calls from canadian women seeking help. If you are seeking a vaginal mesh lawyer contact the vaginal Mesh helpline Canada today.