Vaginal Mesh Helpline New Jersey, Expanded Help For Vaginal Mesh

Vaginal Mesh Helpline announces expanded coverage to our Female vaginal Mesh Victims in N.J. We must reach all women with a vaginal mesh abd get them legal and medical help. This ambitious outreach program  is reaching out to all new Jersey women with a mesh to encourage them to file their mesh lawsuit and get a mesh lawyer.

Over 300,000 women are experiencing vaginal mesh complications including complications from a vaginal mesh,transvaginal mesh bladder sling, baldder mesh, Gynacare Mesh, TVT sling and all vaginal mesh sugical implants. The calls are coming to us daily and the stories are horrific

  • The symptoms are still the same:
  • mesh erosion
  • bladder or bowel perforation
  • increased incontinence or problems voiding
  • severe relentless pain
  • Lower back pain
  • spot bleeding
  • abdominal pain
  • inability to have sexual intercourse
  • pain up on leg or on side

Women are still having trouble finding physicians to help them. Vaginal Mesh lawyers are filing lawsuits for these complications and the lawsuits are increasing. Women with a mesh are advised to contact the vaginal mesh helpline right away to get on the legal list.

Do not wait. Time is runnong out to file your vaginal mesh lawsuit.