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Find a  Vaginal Mesh Helpline  lawsuit lawyer at the Vaginal Mesh Helpline for Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Decatur. Get help locating a doctor and a  mesh lawyer to file a Boston Scientific or AMS transvaginal mesh lawsuit. The products liability statute of limitations for Illinois is 2 years. This statute ran July of 2013. The AMS or Boston Scientific lawsuits can be moved to the state of the manufacturer. We may also be able to help you if your mesh was implanted after the July 2013 date.

Speak to a female Social worker at the Vaginal Mesh Helpline today to discuss your transvaginal mesh concerns. Let us help you with your  Transvaginal mesh, bladder sling mesh lawsuit.

What are your  vaginal mesh  complications ?

  • Do you have Erosion of vaginal mesh into the vaginal canal, bladder or bowel?
  • Are you Bleeding?
  • Do you have Infections that do not go away?
  • Do you have lower back pain, pain on one side?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Perforations of the bowel, bladder or blood vessels?
  • Do you have Recurrence of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and  urinary Incontinence?
  • Do you have Urinary problem including difficulty in voiding?
  • Has you mesh  eroded  thru the bladder, bowel and vaginal wall?
  • Do you have Painful sexual intercourse?

Yes, these are vaginal mesh complications and they are from the mesh.

The Companies who manufacture the Trans Vaginal  mesh and are involved in the mesh lawsuit include:

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon TVT Gynecare TVT Gynemesh PS Prolene Polypropylene Mesh Patch Secur Bard Avaulta Plus™ BioSynthetic Support System Avaulta Solo™ Synthetic Support System Faslata® Allograft Pelvicol® Tissue PelviSoft® Biomesh Pelvitex™ Polypropylene Mesh American Medical Systems or AMS SPARC® Boston Scientific Advantage™ Sling System Obtryx® Curved Single Obtryx® Mesh Sling Prefyx Mid U™ Mesh Sling System Prefyx PPS™

Doctors Removing the Vaginal Mesh.

  He is also part of North Shore, which is a very good hospital.  He has multiple locations (Evanston, Highland Park & Gurnee).

Dr. Peter K. Sand – OB/GYN

North Shore Medical Group – Evanston

1000 Central Street, Suite 730
Evanston, IL   60201

Phone: 847-570-2750

Fax: 847-570-1386

Another Urogynecologist helping women

Dr. Joseph Croland

Teverbaugh Croland & Mueller Ob/Gyn & Associates, S.C.

8600 N. Route 91, Suite 330
Peoria, IL  61615

Phone: 309-692-2025
Fax: 309-692-2446


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