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A Mesh Lawsuit Helpline has been launched by the Vaginal Mesh Helpline to connect you with a mesh lawyer. Right now vaginal mesh email blasts, text message blasts and phone calls are going out to victims of the vaginal mesh. With so many mesh lawyers on T.V and on the internet  how do you chose? You receive packets full of legal talk that you do not understand asking for percentages that you think is too high. The law offices have screeners that go through a hit list with you. These screeners seem to have no clue what the mesh is or what kend of suffering you have gone through. They ask alot of questions but, not one of these questions is about your medical care or have you found a doctor? They rarely have resources to help you. Sometimes you get a rejection letter and feel so much worse then you do now. Often your case is shipped all around the U.S to other law firms. Lisa Spitzer MSW who oversees the Mesh Lawsuit Helpline has been managing lawyer referral services since 1991 and has been a medical social worker since 1981. She understands the stress of your situation and your frustation. She also understands doctors and lawyers and how they think. Call for help today. Get the justice and guidance you need at this difficult time in your life. You have been through enough. The Mesh lawsuit Helpline will help you connect to a doctor and a lawyer.

The first thing you need to know is that the mesh lawsuit is a Mutli District litigation and is currently consolidated in only three states: West Virginia.and  N.J are the main venues at this time. Anyone you sign up with will most likely have to send your case to one of these venues depending on the manufacturer. You do not have to go there. For this reason a local lawyer is not as important as an experienced end of the line lawyer who is keeping your case in house and not sending it to " one of the lawyers they see on T.V and do not even know".

The Vaginal Mesh Helpline has launched a Mesh Lawsuit Helpline to direct you to an attorney who will help you file your mesh lawsuit and also offer you resources. Everyone of our mesh lawyers has been screened and  has the resources and expertise to take your case to the end.

Many of our mesh lawyers will go thru their files to help you locate doctors they have heard positive things about from their clients.

The vaginal mesh lawsuits,vaginal  mesh lawsuits are in the news and everyone appears to want your case. You are getting email blasts and text messaging blasts and directly being solicitated by law firms. Solicitation by lawyers is against Bar rules in most states. Besides being against the State Bar rules it is insensitive to the pain and suffering you have gone thru. These solicitations are only after you as a potential lawsuit client and we all know the lawyer gets a percentage and the leads company gets paid per lead. These soliciations do not offer you help locating a doctor, support or resources to help get you thru this. They are not interested in your medical help nor do they understand how difficult it is to locate a doctor that does not try to make you think you are nuts or imagining it. But, your complications are real. Call the Mesh Lawsuit Helpline and ignore all solicitations. Choose your lawyer wisely and make sure you have not ended up with a leads company or a lawyer getting a piece of the action by sending the case to his buddy to work. We  are here to help you locate a lawyer or doctor. We are here for you if you need us. If you have questions about the mesh lawsuits and mesh lawyers call us today.