Trans Vaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers Overview


Vaginal Mesh Class Action

Bladder Sling Class Action Overview

The Vaginal Mesh Helpline is here to offer support. a vaginal mesh lawyer, a vaginal mesh doctor and the latest news and updates on the Vaginal mesh lawsuits. The transvaginal mesh goes under many different names including: Vaginal mesh, bladder slings, TVT mesh, transVaginal mesh slings, prolapse mesh, incontinence mesh, Surgical mesh, pelvic mesh and all Prolene mesh products. Mesh products of all types have been causing severe injuries in women.

Vaginal Mesh Helpline Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Lawyers are currently accepting pelvic mesh repair lawsuits in 3,4,5 and 6 year statute states. We will want to know the state where your mesh was implanted not where you currently live. That is what counts for you to file your vaginal mesh lawsuit and get a vaginal mesh lawyer.

if your vaginal mesh was surgically implanted in one of the 3,4,5 and 6 year statute of limitations major cities: D.C., Daytona, Fort Myers, Ft Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Keys, Lakeland, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Panama City, Pensacola, Sarasota, St. Augustine, Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing, Minneapolis, St Paul, Charlotte. Fayetteville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston Salem, Fargo, Providence, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greenville, Seattle, Tacoma, Charleston, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Milwaukee, Montana, Billings, Springfield, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Omaha ,Manchester, Albuquerque, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Providence, Charleston Seattle, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Casper and Laramie transvaginal mesh lawsuits are still being filed.

3, 4 , 5 ,6 Year Trans Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Statute States

Arkansas, D.C, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, N.Y, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are still good for a Pelvic mesh repair lawsuit. If you have a Boston Scientific or AMS mesh you may still be able to file your lawsuit even in a 2 year statute state. It is imperative that you discuss your options with a qualified vaginal mesh lawsuit attorney

Although there has been no official recall of mesh products Johnson & Johnson and C.R. Bard have pulled a number of their vaginal mesh products off the market.  Thousands of women are  living with painful complications. Johnson & Johnson, American medical, Boston Scientific, Bard, Coloplast, Mentor and other Prolene mesh manufacturers face more than 12,000 federal lawsuits, with approximately 4,000 more pending in state courts.

Because these vaginal lawsuits were filed across in the 1000’s  and many of the mesh complications have resulted in the  same allegations related to these pelvic, surgical and vaginal  mesh products, a  panel of judges has  transferred several thousand cases filed in various federal courts to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia under Chief Judge Joseph R. Goodwin for trial and litigation.

The cases have been placed into specific labeled MDL  groups or  multidistrict litigations (MDL).   These involve similar claims against common victims. Transferring  this huge volume of mass torts  to a single court  under one judge helps the federal court system process them more easily.

Judge Goodwin, has been assigned to manage these more than 12,000 cases involving the following companies:

  • MDL – 2187, IN RE: C.R. Bard, Inc., Pelvic RepairSystem Products Liability Litigation 1,956
  • MDL – 2325, IN RE: American Medical Systems, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation 3,974
  • MDL – 2326 IN RE: Boston Scientific Corp. Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation 2,317
  • MDL – 2327 IN RE: Ethicon, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation 3,798
  • MDL – 2387 IN RE: Coloplast Corp. Pelvic Support Systems Products Liability Litigation 188

There have been 12,233  filed  in total and more are expected.

To file a pelvic repair mesh lawsuit call the  Pelvic Mesh Helpline today. Although some states are past the statute there are many with 2 year statutes that our lawyers are still accepting cases for. These may be finalized in July. ALL 3 year or longer states still have time but, you should not wait as steps in the litigation have begun