Helping You Locate A Surgical Mesh Lawyer and Doctor

TransVaginal Mesh Helpline continues to keep you updated on the vaginal mesh lawsuits. The helpline is now focused on making sure all women file their vaginal mesh lawsuit. We get calls from women every single day that  it is too late for. We feel that our mission now must be to locate all women with a pelvic mesh.

It is too late for the one year states: Tennessee, Louisiana and Kentucky. On July 13th the 2 year states hit the statute of limitations date although we still have been able to help women in 2 year states file their vaginal mesh lawsuits.

The 3 thru 6 year states still have time. But that does not mean you should wait. Another problem appears to be lawyer vaginal mesh lawsuit criteria. Many law firms will not take a case unless there has been revision surgery. But, revision surgery usually means more surgery. The only real answer is mesh removal. This creates a problem because what is best for some law firms is not best for you.
We all know it has not been easy to locate a doctor for mesh removal. Many women also have insurance issues. So many women who call us lost their jobs and their insurance. There are so many issues regarding your mesh  that you must speak to a helpline that knows the whole picture. A law firm alone will not work now. You need the right law firm for your particular situation.

Some Important  Mesh Lawsuit  Facts

It is important to realize that most of  the mesh lawsuits have been consolidated in West Virginia. This means that a local lawyer is not always your best bet. They cannot file it locally.

Help Locating A Doctor

We have been able to locate a few doctors that will do the needed surgery on a case lien settlement basis. But, you need to be in a “good ” state and have the needed surgery or many law offices will not even speak to you.

Pelvic  Mesh Repair Lawsuit Lawyers Ready To help You

We can help. Our lawyers are flexible on criteria and most of our  lawyers have doctor contacts.

Call us today for the help you hope for. Let us help you get you the legal and medical  help you need  and the justice you deserve.