Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Updates, Coloplast Tolling Agreement

Vaginal Mesh Helpline brings you the latest news in the vaginal mesh lawsuits. Vaginal mesh lawyers are in the process of discussing tolling agreements. Ladies, this is very good news. That means the statute of limitations for filing your mesh lawsuit could be waived.

What Is A Tolling Agreement?

There is a statute of limitations  effecting your vaginal mesh lawsuit.  This  means many of you can lose the right to file your vaginal mesh lawsuit  in court after a certain amount of time has passed. Occasionally, it benefits both the plaintiff and the defendant to extend that period of time or waive it entirely. This is where a tolling agreement comes in. It is a legal document that affirms that both parties wish to dismiss the statute of limitations. So far, Coloplast has entered into such an agreement and we have hopes that other manufacturers will follow. States with 2 year statutes would be up in July and the one year states are done. This opens new hope for the women who may have been left out.

At the March 21 status meeting for the five vaginal mesh multidistrict litigations (MDLs) pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, counsel for the defendant mesh manufacturer Coloplast (MDL No. 2387) indicated that his client has entered into a “tolling agreement”—a contract providing that, until after an agreed upon date, the potential plaintiffs will hold off filing suit and the defendant will suspend the running of the statute of limitations. This is done by the corporations in the hope that something will happen during the agreed upon suspension time that is favorable to the ladies filing vaginal mesh lawsuits.

Other Mesh Manufacturers  Response To This

  • Manufacturer C.R. Bard (MDL No. 2187) indicated that  they are  not interested in entering into such an agreement.
  • Ethicon appears to be  is “willing to consider” a tolling agreement for mesh MDL Lawsuits.

It is important to file your vaginal mesh lawsuit without delay.

Coloplast Mesh Victims

Vaginal Mesh Helpline is launching a national campaign to reach all women with a Coloplast Vaginal Mesh who may have been turned away by a law firm due to statute of limitation issues.