Vaginal Mesh Launches Nationwide Outreach, Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Applaud

Vaginal Mesh Helpline reports that  a women has finally had enough and protests the vaginal mesh. The Vaginal Mesh Helpline and vaginal mesh lawyers applaud. Perhaps this will become a trend and we will begin to see protests thru-out the country. and is being offered to our readers.
The Vaginal Mesh Helpline is gearing up for what they feel is a second round outreach to some of the largest cities in the United States. “We expect a new wave of T.V ads by lawyers after the election and we are ready.”” Women see lawyer ads on T.V and they have alot of questions”.Says the helpline medical social worker.”They want to speak to someone they feel safe and comfortable with and they call us”.

The vaginal mesh lawsuit proceedings have begun” We want all women covered and we want them to get medical and legal help”, the helpline representatives tell us. “We have the staff and capacity to help women by offering support and guidance”.”They just feel more comfortable with a  social worker then a law firm”

The outreach is a massive undertaking for the Vaginal Mesh Helpline. Their mission is clear and they are ready. They expect to be adding 5-10 new cities a week until they have the major cities in the U.S covered.  The helpline is seeking all women who have not filed their vaginal mesh lawsuit “to stand up and seek justice”

The first round Vaginal Mesh Outreach projected reach the following cities to be:

New York, N.Y.,
Los Angeles, Calif.,
Chicago, Ill.,
Houston, Tex.,
Philadelphia, Pa,.
Phoenix, Ariz,.
San Antonio, Tex.,
San Diego, Calif.,
Dallas, Tex.,
San Jose, Calif.,

Second vaginal mesh Outreach Campaign

Jacksonville, Fla.,
Indianapolis, Ind.,
San Francisco, Calif.,
Austin, Tex.,
Columbus, Ohio,
Fort Worth, Tex.,
Charlotte, N.C.,
Detroit, Mich.,
El Paso, Tex.,
Memphis, Tenn.,

Third round of Vaginal Mesh Outreach

Baltimore, Md.,
Boston, Mass.,
Seattle, Wash.,
Washington, DC,
Denver, Colo.,
Milwaukee, Wis.,
Portland, Ore.,
Las Vegas, Nev.,

Additional Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Outreach

Oklahoma City, Okla,
Albuquerque, N.M.,
Tucson, Ariz.,
Fresno, Calif.,
Sacramento, Calif.,
Long Beach, Calif.,
Kansas City, Mo.,
Mesa, Ariz.,
Virginia Beach, Va.,
Atlanta, Ga.,
Colorado Springs, Colo.,
Omaha, Nebr.,
Raleigh, N.C.,
Miami, Fla.,
Cleveland, Ohio,
Tulsa, Okla.,
Oakland, Calif,.
Minneapolis, Minn.,
Wichita, Kans.,