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Florida vaginal mesh lawyers have filed 100's of vaginal mesh lawsuits for women with vaginal mesh complications in: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park, Ocala, Jacksnville, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, Ft Myers, Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and all of Florida.

 A vaginal mesh is a Prolene synthetic  device which is used to treat POP ( pelvic organ prolapse ) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women.  Woman suffer from these medical problems as a result of a weakened pelvic floor and stretched and weakened muscle fibers. The weakening of the pelvic floor or vaginal wall  occurs due to age, childbirth, hysterectomy, or menopause.
Over 300,000 women have a mesh implant which they were told by their doctors is the appropriate treatment for this condition.

In 2006, a type of vaginal mesh called the "bladder sling", was removed from the market after studies found a high rate of vaginal  problems when the sling started to rub against the  top of the vaginal wall. This bladder sling  ripped through the wall and began to protrude into the vaginal canal or perforate the bladder.
October 2008, the FDA warned healthcare professionals about serious complications associated with vaginal mesh. By that time, the FDA had received over 1,000 reports about complications associated with other types of vaginal mesh.  Included in these complications were:
    •    Mesh erosion through vaginal wall, bladder or bowel
    •    Ongoing infection and the need for long terrm antibiotic
    •    Relentless  Pain
    •    Urinary problems including incontinence or the need for self cathecterization
    •    Recurrence of prolapse and/or incontinence
    •    Spot bleeding
    •    Vaginal scarring
    •    Pain during sexual intercourse
    •    A significant decrease in  the quality of life due 
to discomfort and pain as well as depression.
The manufacturers of the mesh and the products are as follows:
Johnson & Johnson®
    •    Ethicon® TVT
    •    Gynecare® TVT
    •    Gynecare® Prosima
    •    Gynecare® Prolift
    •    Gynemesh® PS

Boston Scientific®
    •    Advantage™ Sling System
    •    Obtryx® Curved Single
    •    Obtryx® Mesh Sling
    •    Prefyx Mid U™ Mesh Sling System
    •    Prefyx PPS™ System
    •    Arise®
    •    Pinnacle®
    •    Lynx®
    •    Solyx®

C.R. Bard®
    •    Avaulta Plus™ BioSynthetic Support
    •    Avaulta Solo™ Synthetic Support
    •    Faslata® Allograft
    •    Pelvicol® Tissue
    •    PelviSoft® Biomesh
    •    Pelvitex™ Polypropylene Mesh

American Medical Systems®
    •    SPARC®
    •    BioArc®
    •    MiniArc®
    •    Elevate®
    •    Monarc®
    •    Perigree®
    •    In-Fast®
    •    Apogee®

What to do?
            The most important thing to do if you are suffering from these symptoms is to go see a doctor. So not be suprised if the doctor that put it in is not willing to help you. It may need some hunting. The Vaginal Mesh Helpline can help you with this,  You cannot be afraid to see a doctor. Seek  a local Urogynecologist. Once you have had medical attention obtain all your records regarding the mesh and keep a  daily log of your complications. This will help with your vaginal mesh lawsuit. The Florida mesh lawyer team has filed 100's of mesh lawsuits and has 100's of files of womwn with mesh complications. They are experienced vaginal mesh lawyers.