Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Report Bard Loses Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit for $3.6M

Vaginal Helpline and The Network of Vaginal Mesh Lawyers is pleased to announce that C.R. Bard lost a vaginal mesh lawsuit to a verdict of $3.6M. This is the first case to go to trial over their vaginal mesh implant. The Vaginal Mesh Helpline will keep you updated on all the latest vaginal mesh news

C.R. Bard will now have to pay  $3.6 million in damages for the first  of their mesh cases that went to trial  A few months  the company agreed to settle thousands of suits from women who were injured by their  products.

Initially the  jury  ordered Bard to pay $5.5 million to the injured mesh victim but the court reduced that amount to $3.6 million after it learned that the doctor who implanted the company’s Avaulta mesh device was at fault. Bard appealed that decision but lost its appeal.

This new news  comes  to the Vaginal Mesh Helpline a few months after Bard said it would offer more than $200 million to settle 3,000 cases for  women who were injured by it’s vaginal mesh products. This settlement covers about one-fifth of the  current lawsuits over these faulty mesh implants. Bard still faces more than 21,000 product liability suits for  their vaginal mesh, including more than 12,000 cases consolidated before  judge Goodwin in  Charleston, WV, federal court.

If you have a C.R Bard faulty vaginal mesh and would like to join other women with a mesh in the lawsuits against Bard call The Vaginal Mesh Helpline. It is not too late.