What is a Pelvic Prolene Mesh?

What You Need To Know About  The  Vaginal Mesh

A vaginal mesh also known as a Transvaginal mesh or  bladder sling is a Prolene, synthetic sling  implanted in a female to help with uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, bowel prolapse or urinary incontinence.   These mesh  products have been  used for over half a century.  Your synthetic  vaginal mesh is made of metallic or polymer screens .  The vaginal mesh has used to restore weakened pelvic muscles resulting from child birth,hysterectomy or  post-menopausal loss of estrogen.  The muscles and ligaments which surround the pelvic organs  weaken, allowing the organs to slip out of their natural place, or prolapse.

What is Prolene?

According to Wikepedia Prolene is a synthetic, monofilament, nonabsorbable polypropylene suture.

What is a Prolene TransVaginal Mesh?

Vaginal Mesh is a surgical mesh. It is a  woven fabric. It is used in women to treat pelvic prolapse, bladder prolapse, and similar problems. The transvaginal mesh is implanted  thru the vagina or abdomen  and used to create what is  called a pelvic sling or bladder sling.  It is similar but not the same as hernia mesh repairs.

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