Vaginal Mesh, Women With Complications, Mesh Doctors do not hear them

The Vaginal mesh helpline gets calls from women daily who are being told by their doctors nothing is wrong. The symptoms are usually similiar. They have severe pain and cannot function, Their incontinence is back worse or the cannot void, They have lower back pain, they cannot have sexual intercourse, they are having patch bleeding, and other types of bladder and bowel problems. While doctors are looking for tumors, lower back problems and medications to calm them down psychologically they call the Vaginal Mesh Helpline worried an upset.

What do they all have in common? Some kind of vaginal mesh product that is "ruining their lives". The mesh was usually put in by a gynecologist or urologist. The reason was anything from severe prolapse to simple SUI. Doctors believed the answer to every single female problem was the mesh. This was the new miracle cure.  Women went in for a hysterectomy and came out with a mesh. But, it just is not playing out that way. Mny women did not seem to even realize a mesh was being used until the turn on their T.V set and see the symptoms in the layer Ads.

Our vaginal mesh callers are feeling like  their lives are over. They are in pain, distraught, angry and losing their marriages, boyfiriends and fiances over this " Miracle Mesh".  Women are losing their jobs and cannit work. School bus drivers cannot drive a bus any longer due to the severe pain.

Many of these women were lead so astray by their doctors that hey are only first realizing their complications are the mesh when they see a lawyer ad on T.V.  "look , a family member says, this is you". "You need to look into this right away" 

They call the helpline.  Or maybe they just got an email blast from a leads company or lawyer.  The advertising for the mesh is waking women up to what is really going on inside their body.

Very few can go back to the doctor that put the mesh in. Doctors are to frightened right now to give good medical care. They are worried about the consequences of what they did.  Many are telling women that they are fine.  "It is all in your head"' There is nothing wrong here"

They attempt to cut of the "Bad Part". We had a women caller whose Doctor tried to pull the piece out.  What can a woman do ?

We suggest the call the association of Urogynecologists for a local Urogynecologist. We also suggest they locat a local University Hospital Department of  Urogynecology.  "You must ask for a Doctor who has experience in mesh removal". "That way you will know that they understand there is problems with the mesh".

What else can women do? They must get on the list for the Mult District litigation with a lawyer who has experience with mass torts.

They must be alerted to leads companies that are soliciting to sell them to lawyers.  It is not in your head. You are not alone and you must seek medical advise.  These mesh implants can cause very serious complications and hut the internal organs. Bowel Bladder and vaginal erosion is a potentail result. Mesh Erosion into the bowel or bladder can be very serious.

In 2011, the FDA published new guidelines regarding manufacturer requirements for pelvic mesh. Since the institution of such guidelines, Boston Scientific represents the first company to received FDA approval for a new pelvic mesh. We do not know ,nor do many of the women calling, what mesh they have. We do not know if this knew mesh is one of the ones creating problems in 2012. What we do knoe is an estimated 300,000 women have these mesh implants and are suffering.

Harris-Hicks, who practices at Sandhills Gynecology of Sandhills Regional Medical Center, has 12 years of experience in POP surgery. She received her training at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, S.C.

“POP and urinary incontinence are common conditions affecting many adult women today,” said Harris-Hicks. Pelvic organ prolapse is the abnormal descent or herniation of the pelvic organs including the bladder or rectum from their normal position inside the pelvis. Severe POP results in complete extrusion of the vagina outside of the pelvic floor.

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